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Monday, July 12, 2010

wine afficianados beware

Somehow beer and ale is more interesting than wine. Although I'm pretty snobbish about beer and ale I really don't care to educate my palate with regard to wine. Wine seems expensive, gets me drunk way too fast and is too complicated in general.
A neighbor of mine is of a similar opinion and her favorite anecdote about wine tasting is as follows. She was having a dinner party and everyone was passing judgment on the wine they had just poured. Each dinner guest weighed in, describing the wine using the standard technical wine terminology such as "fruit, tannin, nose, oak," blah blah blah. Finally one of her friends said, "I like it; it cuts the grease."
To be honest, beer geeks use this same descriptive vocabulary but in the case of beer, I can recognize the flavours they are taking about. For example, some cask conditioned or "imperial" ales taste like grapefruit.

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