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Friday, November 20, 2009

New MacBook Pro

I'm glad I chose to spend the extra $50 to get an "anti-glare" LCD on this laptop. I will never understand the "glossy" screen bullshit most laptops come with these days. Maybe the marketroids discovered that people liked looking at their reflections all day.

"Yes please, I'll have the glare screen!"

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Prisoner 2009

So far what I like most about the remake of The Prisoner is, "wraps." All food served in The Village comes in the form of sandwich wraps. Wrap sandwiches? The one exception seems to be cherry cake.

I always hated wraps. Only people who don't know what good bread is could like wraps. In The Prisoner and in real life wraps represent bland, corporate catered lunches. A McDonalds hamburger bun has more character than a wrap. Wraps utterly fail to be bread. Pita bread is what you should use if you want a rolled up sandwich.

When wraps come into contact with something moist they get slimy and since most sandwich fillers are moist, wrap sandwiches are almost always slimy.

I'm not a big fan of burritos either. Burritos are fake Mexican, IMHO. Wraps are similar to white flour tortillas, which of course are not real tortillas. Real tortillas are made with corn.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

rantmore re Windows

My employer was not willing to give me a Mac so for the next week I had to use a Dell E6400 running WinXP 64bit. He wanted me to run VMware on XP so I could run Linux virtual machines on the lappie. Great. That's like seatbelting yourself to the hood of a car and reaching in through a window to steer.

So wow. Big surprise; the experience has been pure hell.
The box spontanious resets itself at least daily. Yay! And yeah, I have all the latest recommended patches installed from the Beast of Redmond.

OS X and Linux distros have plenty of "features" that annoy me but they don't crash with anything like the frequency of XP. And I never know how J. Random Windows app will behave. There's no consistancy. Today WinSCP pissed me off severely. What does it do with a file you double click on? I assumed I was downloading the file to -somewhere- but POOF a blank window pops up and the file is nowhere to be found. WTF? Shouldn't the default action be "SAVE TO LOCAL DISK"??? I'd look in /tmp if windoze had one.