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Saturday, November 7, 2009

rantmore re Windows

My employer was not willing to give me a Mac so for the next week I had to use a Dell E6400 running WinXP 64bit. He wanted me to run VMware on XP so I could run Linux virtual machines on the lappie. Great. That's like seatbelting yourself to the hood of a car and reaching in through a window to steer.

So wow. Big surprise; the experience has been pure hell.
The box spontanious resets itself at least daily. Yay! And yeah, I have all the latest recommended patches installed from the Beast of Redmond.

OS X and Linux distros have plenty of "features" that annoy me but they don't crash with anything like the frequency of XP. And I never know how J. Random Windows app will behave. There's no consistancy. Today WinSCP pissed me off severely. What does it do with a file you double click on? I assumed I was downloading the file to -somewhere- but POOF a blank window pops up and the file is nowhere to be found. WTF? Shouldn't the default action be "SAVE TO LOCAL DISK"??? I'd look in /tmp if windoze had one.

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