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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pizza (pee) Peel

I bought a granite grilling stone on sale at Marshall's a few days ago so now I'm shopping for a pizza peel because I'm planning to use the grilling stone in my oven to cook pizza. The granite may not be quite as porous as the pricey ceramic pizza stones on sale but I bet it will hold more heat.

Here's the item I bought:

Anyway, I stumbled over this post at

DrPizza26 in Tampa says,

"This peel is durable, strong, heat resistant, and great to cut and serve on. However, when wet it smells like urine or formaldehyde. The odor is not as prominent when the peel is dry, and does not impart anything on the food. I would have selected a different peel with this knowledge."

Despite this fatal flaw, the dude gives the peel he bought three stars! Many people find it impossible to admit they have made a mistake, or have been ripped off. Then again, this guy was good enough to warn us, and I thank him for that.

Just goes to show you, you're better off avoiding products made of sawdust held together with some miraculous, next-generation synthetic resin. What was wrong with plain wood?