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Friday, June 25, 2010

ZOMG Adobe Flash Everywhere!!!

Just for kicks I configured Nessus today. Turns out the configuration web interface is pure Adobe Flash. My midterm exam was a Flash app and I was unable to enlarge the (8 point) font size. Had to stare at the screen from eight inches away. Funs!

1. There was a bug that did not allow me to select the new policy I just created. After poking at the interface for about half an hour I logged out of the web interface and logged back in again. Now it lets me load my policy :P

2. Flash is proprietary, i.e. closed source software. Unless you're a big Adobe customer Adobe is likely to ignore your efforts to communicate with them when you want to report a bug, etc.

3. Flash has had a lot of security issues of late. Does Nessus have a Flash scanner plugin? Heh.

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