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Monday, June 28, 2010

Revanche (some spoilers)

This is a German language film set in Austria. It starts out being a story about a Ukrainian prostitute, Tamara who becomes involved with a man, Alex who works at the bordello. Tamara is against Alex's criminal scheme but insists in coming along when Alex robs a village bank. She sits in the stolen getaway car praying out loud with hands clasped while he robs the bank. Alex plans to buy Tamara's freedom with the loot. He wants to pay off her $35K debt to the mafia so they can be together. Tamara owes the mob the for smuggling her into Austria.
As the couple flee the crime scene, a cop accidentally shoots and kills Tamara. He was aiming for the getaway car's tires. This is just the beginning of an engrossing, complex tale filled with marvelous, understated acting and gorgeous shots of European farm country. The cinematography is superb. There's a scene set in a sunlit beech forest that's just sublime. I just realized there was absolutely no music in the film yet somehow you don't miss it.

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