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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New reason to hate the MBTA

The MBTA uses Windows XP in its fancy new ticket kiosk machines. I rode the Red Line for several months last year to work and back and never saw a kiosk being serviced. Then, a few weeks ago I was exiting the Downtown Crossing T when I noticed a technician working on one of these machines. When I looked at the video display I noticed it was loading Windows XP. I stopped to watch but left after a minute. XP seemed to be having trouble booting :)

Why did the MBTA waste our money on super expensive, buggy, insecure software like XP? This is BOSTON, a city awash with Linux expertise. The MBTA could be saving thousands of dollars each year on licensing fees alone if it had chosen a Linux or BSD distribution. And it would be saving more money on service calls because XP is about twice as reliable as Windows95 ;)

This is more proof the MBTA is run by idiots.

1 comment:

  1. Because when you order a fare collection system, you get what it comes with. You don't get to pick your own OS. What if the software system doesn't run on linux? Just like your car or your cell phone - it comes with the software it comes with...