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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hi Matt,
Great to meet you this weekend. Yesterday's Hike was very pleasant and enjoyable. I''ve tried to sign up for a hike next weekend but it seems to be full. ( The franconia falling waters hike) Do you know of any other hikes for next Saturday? I'd like to hike with you again.
It's also a great idea to organise an Indian food meetup in Waltham. Can you suggest a restraunt?
My contact information is the following:

ph 617 XXX 9666 (mobile)
Nice to meet you, let's keep in touch:)
Aimee T,


This bitch is showing up at hiking group events all too often. Pleasant -and- enjoyable? Stupid cow seems to think we all enjoyed stopping to wait for her to catch up to us every ten minutes. She's about 30 lbs overweight and doesn't seem to understand that flapping her lips constantly interferes with normal breathing. Shut up and hike, bitch! This is the same waste o'skin who when asked about the war in Iraq said of the Iraqis, "they started it."

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