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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Healthnet of California WIN

In 1999 I worked for a tiny, non-profit entity in Watertown, MA called They had a time share on a low-earth-orbit, commercial satellite and used it to relay email via "packet radio" to ground stations in Africa. It was the most effective way to provide email service to places Africa where there was no dial-up Internet service.

Healthnet of Watertown had registered in 1995 iirc and were minding their own business when they were sued by HealthNet of California, which is a health insurance company. Healthnet of CA claimed that we were "diluting their brand," and wanted to take the domain away from us. They failed. The Californian bullies lost their case in part because Healthnet of Watertown had a connection to a Harvard Law School prof. Anyway, Healthnet of CA is reaping the wages of sin now. What dirtbags.

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