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Friday, March 4, 2011

Fresh Pond parking lot

I paid a visit to the Whore Foods at Fresh Pond to get some $5 lb. hake and as I return to my car I see a middle-aged black man immaculately dressed in a suit with thick-rimmed glasses but wearing a huge Marge Simpson hairdo under some sort of rasta-inspired head covering. A giant sock on his head, basically.

Then I notice he's hanging around a Mercedes Komprressor SLK, which might actually be his car. I wonder how he can sit down in the car without mashing his giant hairdo. He asks me if I know what "those things in the sky" are. He points at the sky. I look up.
"Uh, contrails left by airplanes would be my guess. Condensation."
He replies, "military or civilian?"
"Civilian, mostly."

I get in my car and out of the corner of my eye I see he's pointing a small digital camera at the sky.

He had no discernible accent. Could have passed for a college prof but I can easily imagine him as a conman bilking hundreds of his "brothers" out of their savings with promises of bestowing upon them Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Powers, or some such codswallop.

Just a typical day in the People's Republic of Cambridge.

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