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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx fail

I have given the Lynx release a chance to prove itself on my old R40 Thinkpad and I have to say it has failed. It's slower than the previous Ubuntu. The wireless applet is more clumsy. Pulseaudio is even more deeply integrated and processor intensive.
This P4 2.2 GHz machine idles with a system load just south of 1. It feels less responsive than it used to. Perhaps I'll try a clean reinstall to a fresh ext4 file system. Perhaps I'll use a netbook distro. This was an "in situ" upgrade to Lynx. Too bad IDE SSDs are so rare and expensive.

Update: 20100528. I tried doing a clean install of Lynx. The super-fancy installer was unable to run! I checked the md5sum on the installer's iso image and it was correct. The Thinkpad now runs Fedora 13, who's installer ran flawlessly from the same cdrw media. (It wasn't a bad cdrw that cause the Lynx fail.)

Get your shit together, Ubuntu. You used to produce a good distribution.

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