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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Noisy Victorians

I rent a space in a big Victorian house in a beautiful neighborhood where homes routinely sell for upwards of 800K and I can't wait to move away. The level of noise here is amazing. It starts in the morning well before 8:00 AM. Just down the street, a construction crew has been tearing down a brick and concrete elementary school which was built in 1971. They have been breaking up the concrete with a massive, crane-mounted jack hammer for weeks and they insist upon starting at quarter to eight in the AM. I guess I'm glad I can't feel the vibrations.

This is on top of the constant assault of road repair, neighbors replacing roofs, adding decks and porches. The landscaper crews also like to arrive early and they bring riding mowers the size of small cars. Don't forget the leaf blowers! It's like the Marines taking a beach head.

A few weeks ago some fucktard neighbor spent the better part of two days tilling an entire back yard (several thousand sq. feet) with one of those tiny Mantis tillers. I'm a fan of Mantis tillers in general mainly because most suburban gardeners will never need anything more powerful and the Mantis doesn't dig too deep. Then again, most gardeners who buy a Mantis use it a few times and then it rusts for 10 years in the cellar. The Mantis does sound like a small chainsaw though so running one all day Saturday and Sunday is more than any neighbor would want to hear.

Today the same neighbor has a landscaper working who has some kind of disorder. He may be deaf or have Tourette's syndrome but he's grunting and moaning like an animal caught in a leg trap.Yikes.

I wish I could turn my ears off and on at will. I'd save money on silicon ear plugs which either fall out or cause pressure, forcing earwax to be pushed up into the ear canal. Ouch.

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