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Friday, February 26, 2010

Screwing with recruiters for fun.

I wish there was some way to profit from it. I need mo' monies!

J. Random Recruiter aka Paddy McFucknut cold called me so I hung up on him. It's OK for me to call recruiters. It's not OK for them to call me. Bear in mind recruiters do not represent me the job seeker; they represent their own agency's interests first followed by the interests of the company that's hiring. We, the prospective employers come in at a distant third.

Why did I hang up on the shitbird? For one thing, I was expecting another call. For two, I hate recruiters and wish them all an early, painful death. For three, the first line of my resume says, "Principals only. No third party recruiters or agencies, please."

Paddy writes me hate mail because, how dare I hang up on him?

-------------------------------------- snip ----------------------------------------
Thanks for hanging up on me.  I know there is a note on your resume that says you don't want to work with recruiters and I respect that, however, I know a bunch of people that work at TekTarpit and I have a few fantastic opportunities that I wanted to run by you.  Given the current economy and marketplace, it may be a huge value add for you to choose a few key suppliers to help you in your search.  If you change your mind, I can be reached at 617.555.4049, otherwise, I'll note your file to never be contacted again.


------------------------------- snap ------------------------------------

He shows his respect for my clearly stated desire to not to be contacted by recruiters by ignoring it. And he uses a run-on sentence, the illiterate fucknut. He uses "value add" ftw! He's an economist! I'm a commodity in a pipeline like pork bellies or two-by-fours. He tries to use "I know people at your former employer" as if that would help his cause. What difference would that make? What if there was bad blood? He's willing to say anything so I guess he'll make lots of money.
He promises to flag my file with "do not contact" as if he had the ability to do so. Someone else from his office will undoubtedly call me a month from now because hey, what have they got to lose? I'm sure only his boss has the authority to flag my file with "do not call" and he's not going to bother flagging it because he has better things to do like cold call random people. Heck, they probably don't even use a database.
Or if they do it's something ultragay like MSFT Access.

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