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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kenyan Goats

That's the legendary black Labrador Retriever Kimwana on the left. I can't believe how glossy his coat is. He was the sweetest, smartest, most obedient dog I have ever known. His DNA should have been preserved for all time. We never got a chance to breed him in the US because the AKC did not recognize his Kenyan credentials despite his obviously stellar qualities. I still miss him.

I don't think the goats had names. I'm in the middle between the goats and my brother is in the right. The black folk were part time employees of our household. One was our gardener and the other was our cook/housekeeper. They showed up one day and asked my mother for work. It would have been a grave insult to the entire village to deny them employment. I'm sure we were not able to pay them much but I'm equally sure they were glad to have the income.

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