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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Star Trek movie

5 of 10 dongs. This movie was made for kids eight through 14 years old. I prefer scifi for adults, like BSG and Firefly. Another disappointing Trek movie.

The actor playing Kirk was not a good choice. There needs to be a flash of devlish genius (or at least intelligence) in Kirk's eyes and with this actor there was nothing but blankness. He has a squeaky voice too. Compare it to Shatner's voice. He did not embody Kirk just as some actors who have played Bond fail to become Bond.

Overall the story was weak, with little character development. The time travel theme has been done to death and the writers didn't add any new wrinkle.

I like the idea that the crew was struggling to master new technologies and dreaming up new uses of these technologies. There is a trial and error aspect to technology that many people (in real life) are not willing to accept. They feel entitled to results but are unwilling to learn how to use the tools required to gain those results . . . unless it's a cell phone.

I'm less sympathetic to the he "cheating = hacking" theme. I'm sure this attempt to blur the difference between hacking and cheating will be a huge hit with the 8-14 audience but that doesn't make it right. Sure the Kobayashi Maru test is impossible to defeat but cracking the test's server did not prove anything except to demonstrate Kirk's cracking skills. The object of the test is to reveal the subject's character; to show what he might do in a seemingly hopeless situation. Not every test has a right or wrong answer and cheating is not the answer.

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