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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Darjeeling Limited

Horrible piece of crap. Should be called, "The Caliphoneya Express." I actually thought it might be about India. NOT. It's about three brothers bonding while being typical, dickhead tourists. Sure the director found a few picturesque locations but hardly ever do they say where they are. I'd rather watch a Michael Palin travel show. For most of the movie the characters act like rich, spoiled teenagers. When I'm traveling in a foreign country I try to be on my best behavior, especially if I can't speak the local language. Except when I'm in Georgia, (US) where I let it all hang out.

The three brothers rescue some Indian kids from drowning in a river. One of the kids drowns so they carry his body back to the village. Eventually they are invited to attend the funeral of the drowned boy. It's every liberal's wet dream (PUN INTENDED); going to an exotic country and not being a regular tourist but "giving back," having "cultural exchanges" (not just bodily fluids) with the natives. Hell, these guys are budding colonials, rescuing the natives who can't take care of themselves. The movie depicts no beggars, corpses or filth; India has been sanitized for our viewing pleasure. Thank you very little for this pile of vacuous drivel!

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